Academic support is crucial for students as it can greatly impact their lives. However, many students experience academic stress due to a lack of information and support, leading them to turn to online platforms for assistance. To help students navigate the university admission process, Next Education Consultancy has an Application Assistance Team available.

The University Application Assistance Team at Next Consultancy provides guidance to students in selecting the appropriate level of degree and completing the necessary forms, especially for those who are unsure of their intended major. The team offers full support for enrollment, including offer letters and confirmation of enrollment, without any charge.

Students can send their complete application package to us via email, and our team acts as a liaison between the universities and students, ensuring prompt action to overcome any complications that may arise during the admission process.

For those who may feel uncomfortable reaching out to us directly, we have provided an online inquiry form on our website, which students can fill out to learn more about universities and courses.