• Although not all universities require interviews for admission, some institutions may ask students to participate in online interviews as part of the application process. The Eco Educational Consultancy Team provides support to students in preparing for behavioral interview questions and developing strong answers that demonstrate their potential to succeed at the university. Our guidance and assistance can help students feel more confident and increase their chances of being accepted by the institution. Additionally, our preparation can help students remain calm and composed during the interview with the university’s admission team or DIBP. We offer various guidelines and tips for answering behavioral interview questions related to student visa applications.
  • Remain Punctual

Avoid being both early and late. Make sure to get there a little early so you can relax and get ready for the interview.

  • Greetings to everybody

Every time you face the particular instance authorities, make sure to extend a friendly greeting in order to make a favorable impression.

  • Wear comfortable

Wear whatever makes you feel good. Wear anything that gives you a professional and assured appearance. Do not overstate  enquirer in such conditions, simplicity is preferable.

  • Carry all proper documentation:

Bring all necessary supporting documentation for the student visa, such as original bank statements or proof of qualifications. Verify everything a second,   as long as you are convinced that you have all you need.

  • Be truthful and honest

Delivering sincere responses that are matched with your supporting evidence. Make sure your responses are thorough, clear, and correct at all times.

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