About Eco Educational Consultancy

The Eco Educational Consultancy is well-known for its extensive services as a study abroad advisor in Nepal, and has maintained a good reputation over time. Our main office is located in Lagankhel, Lalitpur, Nepal, while we also have a branch office in the UK to provide additional support.

The Eco Educational Consultancy is widely recognized as a highly inclusive study abroad consulting firm in Nepal, with a reputation that has been established over a considerable period of time. Our primary office is located in Lagankhel, Lalitpur, Nepal, and we also maintain a secondary office in the United Kingdom to provide additional support.

The Eco Educational Consultancy is dedicated to assisting students who wish to pursue higher education overseas. Our team comprises enthusiastic and committed individuals who provide excellent services to meet the needs of our clients. In a decade, we have successfully helped a significant number of Nepalese students realize their dreams of studying abroad, and we believe that our contribution to their success has strengthened our nation.

We are leveraging all available resources, both domestic and international, to provide better opportunities for Nepalese students. Our primary objective is to establish The Eco Educational Consultancy as an international standard consultancy center. To achieve this, we are pursuing the following objectives:


Your gateway to international universities and colleges.

Choosing the right university, college, and course of study can have a significant impact on your future career. It is therefore imperative to make the correct decision. At The Eco Educational Consultancy, we provide valuable assistance by offering counseling services and acting as a bridge in your search for ideal colleges and universities overseas. Our goal is to guide Nepalese students in every aspect of studying abroad, and we trust our instincts to recommend the best educational institutions available.

Since it can be challenging for students to access educational institutions abroad, The Eco Educational Consultancy has a team of professionals and experts who are always ready to assist aspirants in finding their preferred universities or colleges. We support students in all aspects and help prepare them for their future. Our consultancy services provide detailed information on every aspect of student life overseas.

We invite students who are interested in studying abroad to visit our premises to experience the difference we can make in ensuring their future success and career.

Our Mission

Our organization is solely dedicated to guiding students towards the most suitable institutions that will enable them to create their future. Our extensive expertise and experience allow us to identify the most appropriate institutions for each individual student, and our strong connections with Australian institutions allow us to provide exceptional services.

The overwhelming satisfaction expressed by numerous students and their families has helped us to achieve great success. This has resulted in the expansion of our facilities to cater to students at all levels and in all fields of study. The Eco Educational Consultancy has become a trusted source for students seeking guidance for higher education abroad, and we are delighted to announce that our services have been highly praised by students from various institutions and faculties around the world.

Our Team

Rameshowar J. Ale

Founder/Managing Director-MD

Raj Kumar Khadka

Co-Founder and Executive Director